5 Ways To Soothe Rib Pain During Pregnancy

Each woman has a different experience during the entire pregnancy until delivery. However, all will experience many of the same issues. Unfortunately, pregnancy especially during the second and third trimester will include times of discomfort and pain all over. One common and equally annoying discomfort is when the upper portion of the ribs ache. This ‘rib ache’ is usually right under the breasts and can be more on the right, left or both sides. Since any kind of medication should be out of the question, what else can be done to stop or alleviate this pain? Here are 5 natural ways of soothing rib pain during pregnancy from immediate to prolonged ways of relief.

  1. Correct your posture
    Believe it or not your posture will play a big role in helping to soothe rib pain because of the pregnancy. In fact, slouching down or over will only add to the pain because it compresses the stomach and ribs. Try sitting up straight. This will create more room for the torso area; Thereby, helping to alleviate some of the pain.
  2. Pillow yourself
    During pregnancy, pillows are a girl’s best friend. Use a variety of sized pillows that are soft and dense enough to support your body. Use a smaller pillow in the right of your back when sitting. This will create an arch for the back that will ease the pressure from the baby off of your ribs. Use a larger pillow to sit on to ease back pressure that may cause you to slouch. Use a long body pillow when sleeping to add more comfort and to prop the legs and other extra weight.
  3. Hot compressions
    Another quick way to soothe rib pain is to lay hot compresses under the breasts. Heat or gel packs can be purchased from a local drugstore or a traditional compress can be made with heated warm water and with hand or face towels. Also try adding some jasmine, menthol or your favorite scent to make your homemade compacts more enjoyable. Then use the warmth of the compressions while massaging the ribcage gently until pain has subsided. For some, cool packs or cold compressions may work as well.
  4. Exercise
    This one seems to be the best remedy for everyone, not just pregnant women for a more prolonged solution. Certain exercises that help you stretch out and limber up the body will soothe pain tremendously. Stretching is also very effective when raising your arms up slowly over the head; thereby causing the uterus to expand and eases pressure off the ribcage. Many yoga exercises are also very good as well because they consist of stretching to help loosen tight muscles all over.
  5. Dress the part
    Finally, dress the part of a pregnant woman. Clothing should always be made of 100% soft cotton, loose fitting and comfortable especially around the belly. Also, be sure to wear supportive sleep bras that will add lots of comfort even to be worn any time of day.

Since this ‘rib pain’ is due to the fact that your ‘bundle of joy and pain’ is growing larger and unfortunately running out of room in there, it will not completely stop until after baby is born. Therefore, these 5 ways to soothe rib pain during pregnancy will surely help any mother-to-be rest a little easier and make pregnant life more tolerable.